Temple Lodge No. 11


 James F. Pierce III   Worshipful Master
 Albert J. Lefranc   Senior Warden
 David J. Conly III, PM   Junior Warden
 Jeffrey Vansickel   Secretary
 Micheal W. Jackson   Treasurer
 Charles “Mike” Cattermole   Senior Deacon
 Erik S. West   Junior Deacon
 Rodger K. Tindall   Senior Steward
 Kevin D. Finch   Junior Steward
 Alexander “Zander”Tippett   Chaplain
 Tyler N. Magner   Tiler

Past Masters

David J. Conly, III, PM 2016-2022 Lynn A. Spayd, PM 2015
David J. Conly, III, PM 2014 Lynn A. Spayd, PM 2013
Lynn A. Spayd, PM 2012 Lynn A. Spayd, PM 2011
Lynn A. Spayd, PM 2010 G. Rex Bonnewell, PM 2009
G. Rex Bonnewell, PM 2008 G. Rex Bonnewell, PM 2007
Lynn A. Spayd, PM 2006 Lynn A. Spayd, PM 2005
G. Rex Bonnewell, PM 2004 Harold J. Dilks 2003
Lynn A. Spayd, PM 2002 Lynn A. Spayd, PM 2001
C. Ronald Sommerville, PM 2000 G. Rex Bonnewell, PM 1999
G. Rex Bonnewell, PM 1998 G. Rex Bonnewell, PM 1997
G. Rex Bonnewell 1996 William J. Littel, PM 1995
C. Ronald Sommerville 1994 John Losten, PM 1993
John Losten, PM 1992 John Losten 1991
David J. Conly III, PM 1990 David J. Conly III 1989
Alison F. Manns, PM 1988 Alison F. Manns 1987
William J. Littel 1986 Robert W. Carroll, PM 1985
Howard E. Brecht, PM 1984 Howard E. Brecht, PM 1983
Howard E. Brecht 1982 William E. Stees, PM 1981
William E. Stees 1980 Alvin N. Saylor 1979
Charles C. Schilling 1978 Robert W. Carroll 1977
William J. Czarnecki 1976 Dwight W. Duncan 1975
Raymond A. Meitzler 1974 John Betts 1973
Frank C. Biesinger, Sr. 1972 George Kuba 1971
William J. Littel 1970 Charles M. Allmond III, PM 1969
Charles M. Allmond 1968 Carl R. Jackson 1967


On January 20, 1817, a charter was granted to Temple Lodge No. 11 by Grand Master John Sellars, naming Archibald Hamilton, Worshipful Master, John Springer, Senior Warden, and Benjamin H Springer, Junior Warden.

Three outstanding Past Masters of Temple Lodge No. 11 have had the distinguished honor to serve as Grand Master of Masons in Delaware during the most recent fifty year history.

PGM Charles E. Daniels was the ninth Grand Master from Temple Lodge to serve as Grand Master of Masons in Delaware, and was elected in 1960. In addition PGM Daniels served for many years as the chairman of the Grand Lodge Committee on Jurisprudence.


     PGM Lousell S. Jeuell, who served for many years as the Grand Instructor, became the tenth Grand Master from Temple Lodge when he was elected in 1970. PGM Jeuell was particularly instrumental in cementing strong Masonic bonds with the Grand Lodge of Virginia.

     PGM William J. Little became the eleventh and most recent Grand Master to serve the Grand Lodge from Temple Lodge No. 11 when he was elected Grand Master in 1979. PGM Little was particularly instrumental in cementing strong Masonic bonds with the Grand Lodge of New Jersey. He served as Grand High Priest of the Grand Chapter of Delaware in 1994.

     All three of these outstanding men and Masons have earned their rest and joined the Celestial Lodge above. Their service continued a distinguished list of eight other Past Masters of Temple Lodge who have served as Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of Delaware. Few other Blue Lodges within the Jurisdiction have equaled the total of eleven Grand Masters that Temple Lodge are proud of the support Temple has provided and continues to provide the Grand Lodge of Delaware.

     PGM William J. Littel’s contributions to Temple Lodge and to the Grand Lodge of Delaware have been broadly recognized and are particularly noteworthy. Past Grand Master Littlel founded the annual Brotherhood night gathering and dinner, thereby cementing strong bonds with neighboring Grand Lodges. This keystone event has grown significantly since its inception in 1970 and now includes visits from as many as ten Grand Lodges. PGM Little also distinguished himself and the Lodge by serving as Worshipful Master in four successive decades, 1963-64, 1970-71, 1986-87, and 1995-96. In addition he served as Secretary of Temple Lodge for almost twenty years. No other Past Master in the almost 200 year history of Temple Lodge was as dedicated and active in the quarries of Temple Lodge as was PGM Littel.

     Most recently, Temple Lodge No. 11 was extremely proud to invite Grand Master Wayne D. Mower III and his staff to lay the date stone in recognition of the completion of the Christian music and education facilities expansion at the Hockessin United Methodist Church with more than 200 in attendance. Several Past Masters of Temple Lodge contributed tirelessly to the construction project and it has proven to be a positive example of employing the tenants of Masonry within the community. Members of the church, the construction contractors, and the local community have witnessed “Masonry at its finest” as the project proceeded with unusual harmony and agreement.

     Finally, there is a little known activity within Temple Lodge that would be well to emulate in all Lodges within the Grand Jurisdiction. Each year when the annual dues bills are mailed, Temple Lodge provides an opportunity for members to voluntarily contribute to the Temple Lodge Charity fund. It is not unusual for contributions to the fund to exceed the total funds collected for their dues. These funds are used by the Lodge to support Masonic Charity needs within the Lodge, within the Grand Lodge, and within the many other Grand Jurisdictions within the United States. Temple Lodge members have been and continue to be truly generous in their support of Masonic Charity.