Delaware Lodge No. 37


 David A. West   Worshipful Master
 Spencer J Sturia   Senior Warden
 Jeffrey W. Evans   Junior Warden
 Lawrence M Grantham, PM   Secretary
 Dean F. Disharoon, PGM   Treasurer
 Kevin B. Atkins   Senior Deacon
 Christopher W. Magee   Junior Deacon
 Travis Jones   Senior Steward
 Michael S. Mears   Junior Steward
 Michael J. Pyle   Tiler
 Les Haus   Chaplain
 Thomas Glenn Jr.PM   Deputy Secretary

Past Masters

James S. Lawrence, PM 2020-2022 James Lawrence 2019
John B. Mitchell 2018 Chad M. Marvel, PM 2017
Michael J. Truitt, PM 2016 Michael J. Truitt 2015
Adam A. Blood, PM 2014 Adam A. Blood 2013
Chad Marvel 2012 Thomas Glenn 2011
R.Clay Hall 2010 Shane Furbush 2009
Keith Murray 2008 Dean Disharoon 2007
Stewart Megee, PJGS 2006 Todd McCabe 2005
Todd McCabe 2004 Eric Ankrom 2003
Eric Ankrom 2002 Clay Hall 2001
Steve Murray 2000 Don Megee 1999
Dale L. Collins, Sr. 1998 Curtis Stevens 1997
Garland “Biff” Bennett 1996 Dale L. Collins, Sr. 1995
Don Megee 1994 Horace F. Wells 1993
Paul W. Townsend 1992 Paul W. Townsend 1991
Lawrence M. Grantham 1990 James B. Smallwood 1989
Steven B. Long 1988 James B. Smallwood 1987
Steven W. Murray 1986 John O. Valliant 1985
William V. Steen III 1984 William V. steen III 1983
George O. Moore, Jr. 1982 Thomas D. Feely 1981
Thomas D. Webster 1980 Burnley Wilder, Jr. 1979
Corbin D. Feely 1978 Corbin D. Feely 1977
Barry M. Smith 1976 Vernon S. Murray 1975
Ronald G. McCabe 1974 Fred Adams 1973
H. Ophir Miller 1972 Donald Lee Hudson 1971
Wayne L. Brittingham 1970 Paul B. Morin 1969
Ward Revel 1968 Paul Jackson 1967


On April 7, 1967, Grand Master R. Franklin Gordy granted a dispensation for the formation of a new Lodge in Millville Delaware, known as Delaware Lodge, U.D.

At the following Grand Lodge Annual Communication, the Committee on Charters reported that they had examined the officers of this Lodge, that “the 30 members of the Lodge are competent and able to support a new Lodge” and a charter be issued. On October 5, 1967, a charter was granted to Delaware Lodge No. 37 to meet in Millville, naming Paul L. Jackson, a Past Master of Doric Lodge No. 30, as their Worshipful Master and other Past Masters of Doric Lodge as Senior and Junior Wardens. Their charter members were mainly from Doric Lodge in whose facilities they initially met. They were formally constituted on October 21, 1967, Grand Master Elmer W. Randall, Jr. On September 7, 1969, a Special Communication of Grand Lodge was convened by Grand Master Warren F. Schueler for the purpose of dedicating and consecrating Delaware No. 37’s new Lodge building. This building in Dagsboro had formerly been used as a church, and required extensive work by the members to convert it to a useful Masonic facility. It was the second church to be converted, the first being by Brandywine Lodge No. 33 in January 1964.