Hiram Lodge No. 25


Nadim M. Hatoum  Worshipful Master
 Michael W. Barnard, PM  Senior Warden
Vasken A. Terzian  Junior Warden
Cody C. Lockwood, PM  Secretary
Cesar E. Aniceto, PM  Treasurer
Clinton O. League  Senior Deacon
 Charles A. McGowan  Junior Deacon
Ricky M. Milewski  Senior Steward
Kelley R. Johnson, Jr.  Junior Steward
 William P. Anthes, PM  Tiler
James R. Herrington, PMChaplain

Past Masters

 Cody C. Lockwood, PM2020-2022 Gerald C. Brennan, Jr.2019
 Michael W. Barnard2018 Cesar E. Aniceto2017
 Bruce G. Fine2016 Alexander T. Selimov2015
 Bruce A. Kitchen2014 Jared I. Card2013
 William K. Brown2012 James E. Hendricks2011
 Walter J. Klein2010 Ronald L. Dawson2009
 William P. Anthes2008 Milton Landis2007
 John R. Evans2006 Jeffrey R. Evans2005
 Ralph E. Snyder2003 Neil J. Sobocinski2002
 Allan B. Cebrat2001 Charles C. Campbell1999
 David H. Laucius1998 Rev. James R. Herrington1997
 James L. Teal1996 Richard C. Windle1995
 David C. Rodeheaver1994 Ronald L. Holt1993
 Samuel E. Inman1989 Theodore M. Ryser1988
 David L. Majors1987 Wayne M. Lee1983
 Ralph A. Walker1982 L. Wayne Usilton1981
 Donald F. Schneck1979 Donald D. Thomas1978
 Ronald C. Jamison1977 Everett L. Landis1971


Hiram Lodge No. 25 A.F. & A.M. located in Newark, Delaware was chartered June 27, 1870.


  In that time, 140 different Masters have governed the Lodge including four, who served as Grand Master of Masons in Delaware; Levin Irving Handy in 1905, Edward Webb Cooch in 1923, Clarence Albert Short in 1941, and most recently Donald D. Thomas in 2005.

     Hiram Lodge No. 25 meets on the second Monday of the month in the Masonic Temple located at 207 East Delaware Avenue in Newark. Construction of the building began in September 1949 on a parcel of land donated by Brother Norris N. Wright. The cornerstone was laid with a Masonic ceremony on November 5, 1949 and the completed building was dedicated in May 1950.

     Since 1906 no Worshipful Master has governed the Lodge for more than one year. Many members have given their time and effort to support Hiram Lodge and the community. In the recent past, eight Brothers have received the Grand Lodge Award of Honor: Wilkin L. Brown, Donald L. Davis, James Harkness, James Kelley, William W. Miller, and J. Earl Newman, James Kelley and Lee D. Gray.

     Hiram Lodge No. 25 maintains a charity fund to assist people in need and in a recent year that support totaled $650.00 in charitable support to the community. Over the years Hiram Lodge has also provided community service, most recently by annually ringing the Holiday Bells for the Salvation Army and participating in the State’s Adopt-A-Highway program. In addition, the Lodge invites the widows of deceased members to join the Brothers and their wives for an evening together.

     Hiram Lodge shares their building with Solomon Lodge No. 36, which was constituted by the Grand Lodge of Delaware on October 28, 1967 under the sponsorship of Hiram Lodge. The building is also occupied by St. John’s Chapter No. 4, Royal Arch Masons and Job’s Daughters Bethel #9. Further, many members from Hiram Lodge No. 25 are active in other organizations within the Masonic family where they often provide important leadership and support. Hiram Lodge is proud to belong to the Masonic family in Delaware and looks forward to continuing the proud tradition of service to the fraternity and community.