Grand Master

Most Worshipful Jeffrey D. Haass, Sr.,
Grand Master of Masons in Delawar
e and Mrs. Lisa Haass, Grand Lady.

Message From Most Worshipful Jeffrey D. Haass, Sr.
Grand Master of Masons in Delaware

First and foremost, please allow me to express my gratitude to the brethren of this Grand Jurisdiction for electing me, to serve you, as your Grand Master.  I am humbled and honored, and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for this amazing opportunity. It is my goal to represent all the brethren of this Grand Jurisdiction with the same honor and virtue as those Past Grand Masters who have gone before me.     

My theme for this year is Freemasonry, a Cut Above.  For those of you that I haven’t met, I am a butcher by trade.  I own and operate a small family butcher shop and meat market.  In my line of work, a sharp knife is essential to success.  It’s common to see a butcher stop his work and spend a few minutes sharpening his knife…  So, I ask you – how sharp is your knife?  I’m not asking about your kitchen knives, your hunting knife or even your pocket knife, I asking about your metaphorical, or symbolic Masonic knife.  The knife we use to trim away the distractions that limit our Masonic growth in order to make us all A Cut Above.  Do you take some time out, each day to sharpen yourself in your Masonry?  Are you A Cut Above

Do you, each and every day exercise the three great tenets of Masonry – Brotherly Love, Relief and Truth?  As Masons, we are taught that we should regard the whole human species as one family created by one higher power, put here to aid and support each other.  Masons are all bound by that indissoluble chain of sincere affection with a duty to relieve the distressed and to restore peace in our brothers’ troubled minds.  And the first lesson we are taught as Masons is to be good and true.  How sharp is your Masonic knife?  Do you endeavor to regulate your conduct, in all aspects of your life, based on the influence of the principles of Brotherly Love, Relief and Truth?  Being active in Masonry my brothers, is so much more than saying “I am a Mason”, attending lodge functions and wearing a ring.  Being a Mason means that we live our lives as Masons.  Again, how sharp is YOUR Masonic knife?  Are you A Cut Above?  I challenge each Mason in this Grand Jurisdiction to be active in Masonry.  Grow Masonry…  grow it in your heart, grow it in your deeds and grow Masonry in the Brotherly Love, Relief and Truth you share.   

Take a second to think about the relationships in your life.  Think about your true friends, the people you can call for help at any time – or whose call for help you would answer at any time – day or night…  Those are your true friends and to whom you are a true friend.  I bet that you probably would not know those true friends if you hadn’t become a Mason.  Brethren, Masonry unites us.  Masonry creates true friends and brothers who might otherwise have remained at a perpetual distance.  So, as we grow Masonry by sharpening our own Masonic knives, striving to be A Cut Above, we should also grow Masonry by inspiring men in our circle of acquaintance to want to join our fair craft.  After-all, we, as Masons are “givers”.  Our charity toward all mankind goes well beyond financial relief.  What better gift can we give to a good man, than the gift of Masonry?  The gift of our example of Brotherly Love, Relief and Truth should inspire those around us to become a Mason – To become one of us.  I’m giving you the charge to be that Masonic example.  I charge you to live a life that is A Cut Above.  Sharpen your Masonic knife to grow Masonry in your hearts as well as inspire others to become A Cut Above.     

Your Grand Staff and I are excited about this year!  We are looking forward to traveling throughout this amazing Grand Jurisdiction and meeting with as many Brethren as possible.  We have many events planned, The Oklahoma Indian Degree, a HERO Blood drive, a Food Drive and the Polar Bear Plunge.  My staff and I look forward to seeing you in a Lodge and at the several Masonic events we have planned.  And, of course – as we meet please remember – In This Lodge, No Man Sits Alone!  Thank you again for affording me the opportunity to serve you as your Grand Master.

Jeffrey D. Haass, Sr.
Grand Master