Grand Master

Most Worshipful Jeffrey D. Haass, Sr.,
Grand Master of Masons in Delawar
e and Mrs. Lisa Haass, Grand Lady.

Message From Most Worshipful Jeffrey D. Haass, Sr.
Grand Master of Masons in Delaware

The devastations of the COVID pandemic have laid waste and destroyed many aspects of American life – It has impacted how we play, how we celebrate, how we work, how we learn, even how we worship… But Freemasonry, notwithstanding, has still survived. Freemasonry has endured countless wars, as well as multiple social and economic disasters – My Brethren, it will take much more than a pandemic to wipe out Freemasonry! While we are all grateful for our health and our ability to meet here today, I ask you take a moment to remember those friends, family, co-workers and especially Masons who we have lost to COVID this past year.

Despite the ravages of the COVID pandemic, our Grand Lodge Blood Drive was very successful. Another successful event this past year was our Food Bank volunteering efforts – the pandemic certainly increased the demand for social services as well as increased the operational difficulties to provide those services and programs – BUT – we Masons were able to help serve our communities and provide relief by volunteering at the Food Bank. We were also still able to help our less fortunate children through our Christmas gift-giving
efforts. Finally, we participated in the Polar Bear Plunge again this year, proving that the pandemic couldn’t stop our charitable efforts. Thank you to all who donated, volunteered and served.

You see my brethren – even when Masonry was shut-down due to the pandemic, Masonry found a way! Yes Brethren, WE still found ways to serve and help our communities – because THAT’S WHAT WE DO! And, as we continue to recover from the pandemic, we MUST persist in the search for ways to help our communities recover, prosper and grow… because WE ARE MASONS and THAT’S WHAT WE DO!

As this Grand Year comes to a close, and we prepare for next year – my parting, final thoughts for this year are straightforward – I’ll Be Back – Seriously brethren, I am humbled and grateful that you have afforded me the opportunity to serve you again as Grand Master, and hopefully, this next year will not be adversely impacted by COVID as the last year was. This past year has been difficult and it has required flexibility, but with the help of the Grand Staff, their wives, the Past Grand Masters, and all of the brethren of this great jurisdiction, we were able to make this year the best that it could be – in spite of the pandemic; Thank You for sharing this past year with Lady Lisa and me.

Fraternally yours,

Jeffrey D. Haass, Sr., Grand Master of Masons in Delaware