High Noon Lodge No. 38


Abraham Rivera, Jr.  Worshipful Master
John P. Chobrda, PM  Senior Warden
Jon B. Cottrell, PM  Junior Warden
Charles G. Morgan, PM  Secretary
 Vernon E. Hanby, GLAH  Treasurer
Richard I. Shehorn  Senior Deacon
Scott A. Melvin  Junior Deacon
Vacant  Senior Steward
Vacant  Junior Steward
 Harry Hanevitz  Tiler
Milton I. Weisman  Chaplain

Past Masters

Abraham Rivera2022Michael J. Ratcliff, PM2021
 Charles G. Morgan, PM2020 Jon B. Cottrell, PM2019
 Bruce A. Beck, PM2018 Michael J. Ratcliff, PM2017
 Jon B. Cottrell, PM2016 Jon B. Cottrell, PM2015
 Jon B. Cottrell2014 Terrence A. Van Gorder, PM2013
 Terrence A. Van Gorder, PM2012 Terrence A. Van Gorder2011
 Robert L. Vawter2010 Charles F. Mitchell, Jr., PM2009
 Charles F. Mitchell, Jr.2008 Peter Tyrrell, PM2007
 Carl H. Carlson, Jr., PM2006 Carl H. Carlson, Jr., PM2005
 Milton Landis, PM2004 Milton Landis, PM2003
 Milton Landis2002 Carl H. Carlson, Jr., PM2001
 Carl H. Carlson, Jr.1995 Harry A. Hopkins, Jr.1990
 Arthur W. Archer1987 Jay Hartloub1984
 Peter Tyrrell1982  


One of the newest Lodges in Delaware, High Noon Lodge No. 38 was formed out of a desire to have a Lodge for those brothers who did not like to drive at night, could attend and take part during the day.


At a meeting held on May 3, 1978 in the Newport Masonic Temple, the committee charged with exploring the idea voted to petition Grand Master Holland for a dispensation to form a daylight Lodge in Newport, Delaware jurisdiction. On May 17, 1978, Grand Master Holland granted the dispensation. Under the dispensation, weekly meetings were held until September 1978, then, if chartered at Grand Lodge, to hold monthly Stated Communications, which would open at 12:00 Noon. They chose to name the Lodge “High Noon Lodge No. 38, A.F. & A.M”.

     On October 4, 1978, Grand Master Holland granted a charter to High Noon Lodge. The charter was hand printed by Brother Harold Barker of St. John’s Lodge No. 2, in beautiful calligraphy. It is really a work of art.

     On November 25, 1978 High Noon Lodge was constituted, and the officers installed by Grand Master James H. Hutchins and the Grand Lodge Officers. Including the Grand Master, there were fifteen members of the Grand Staff in attendance as well as approximately 110 brothers and visiting brothers. The following officers of High Noon Lodge have been elected or appointed were installed. Worshipful Master – PM Frand Van Luvannee, Jr., Senior Warden – PM M. Raymond Loose, Junior Warden – Floyd France, Secretary – Harry E. Garraway, Assistant Secretary – PGM Arthur G. Craign, Treasurer – PM Frank A. Battaglia, Senior Deacon – David Marianelli, Junior Deacon – Carson Stoneman, Senior Steward – James F. Peterson, Junior Steward – Charles A. Lockwood, Chaplain – Jay F. Hartlaub, Tiler – William J. Sublett, Assistant Chaplain – Donald S. Smith.

     There were seventy-one charter members of High Noon Lodge. Many were unable to attend Lodge but joined just to financially support the Lodge. It should be noted that the Newport Hall Company and the four other Newport Lodges gave encouragement and financial support, as did other Delaware Lodges during its formative stages.

     On July 11, 1979, the first petition for membership was from Charles Henry Smith, who was elected to receive all the degrees conferred in a Masonic Blue Lodge.

     It should be noted that High Noon Lodge continued to open their meetings at 12:00 Noon until 1987 when it was decided to open at 11:30. The Lodge was open year round until 2004 when it was decided to go dark in July and August.

     One of the highlights of Hign Noon Lodge’s history was being the host of the North American Conference of Daylight Lodges on August 21, 22, and 23, 1992. They welcomed visitors from England, Canada, and fourteen United States Lodges.

     Of the original seventy-one charter members, twenty-seven are still members of High Noon Lodge in 2004. Three dual members of the Lodge were or have become Grand Master of Masons in Delaware; Arthur G. Craig in1965, Frank A. Battaglia in 1986, and David Marianelli in 1989.