Harmony Lodge No. 13


 Craig A. Stonesifer, II, PM  Worshipful Master
Patrick J. Carson   Senior Warden
Darren L. McMillan  Junior Warden
 Joshua L. Hall, PM  Secretary
 Kenneth A. Virdin, Jr., PM  Treasurer
Kevin J. Musto  Senior Deacon
James P. Miller  Junior Deacon
Justin R. Collet  Senior Steward
Cory Polkinghorne  Junior Steward
 Rodney A. Peck  Chaplain
Ronald L. Kelly  Tiler

Past Masters

Craig A. Stonesifer, II2021
 Tyler S. Thompson 2020 Joshua L. Hall 2019
 Daniel H. Hall, Jr. 2018 James P. Twenge 2017
 Richard M. McTheny 2016 G. Dennis Wilson 2015
 Ray M. Sammons III 2014 Ryan D. Horsey 2013
 W. Steven Hudson 2012 Scott M. Wallace 2011
 S. Christopher Hudson 2010 Rodney A. Slaughter 2009
 Howard A. Fortner III 2008 Howell F. Wallace III 2007
 Isaac J. Willis 2006 Frank H. Furr III 2005
 John J. Hennessey 2004 John J. Hennessey 2003
 Dane J. Austin 2002 Michael I. Nabb 2001
 Norman E. Wood, Jr. 2000 Dane J. Austin 1999
 Robert L. Riddagh 1998 Sidney G. Nash, Jr. 1997
 Wells A. Faries, Jr. 1995 Raymond A. Stachecki 1994
 Kenneth A. Virdin, Jr. 1993 Howard A. Fortner III 1991
 Donald H. McGinty 1989 Ray M. Sammons III 1988
 Alvin E. Hill, Jr. 1987 James T. Vaughn, Jr. 1986
 William J. Carson, Jr. 1984 James L. Cubbage, Jr. 1983
 George E. Brown 1982 James E. Turner III 1979
 Marvin P. Cosden 1978 Edgar G. Smith 1976
 Richard H. Jones 1975 Carlton E. Seward 1973
 W. Henry Dukes 1957  


Harmony Lodge No. 13 A.F. & A.M. met for many years on the third floor of the Smyrna Town Hall, also referred to as the Smyrna Opera House, which was located at the intersection of Main Street and South Street.


However, on Christmas night in 1948 a fire destroyed the third floor and consequently Harmony Lodge lost its meeting room and most of its possessions. The Lodge then moved to the third floor of the Clayton Town Hall where it met continuously for twenty-nine years.

     The present Lodge Hall in the Still Building on North Main Street, Smyrna was dedicated November 19, 1977, with the first regular meeting held on December 1 of that year. Smyrna-Clayton Masonic Hall Inc. issued ninety-one $100 Building Fund bonds in order to pay off the loan and mortgage for the new Lodge hall.

     The 100th anniversary of Harmony Lodge No. 13 was celebrated with a dinner at the Hub Restaurant in Dover on April 29, 1967. The organizing committee consisted of PGM Harry C. Johnson, Harry R. Shirley, and Harry M. Thompson, collectively known as We Three Harrys.

     In the year 1983, two brothers of Harmony Lodge visited the Grand Lodge of England in London and attended the Anglo-American Lodge. After their return, they gave several visitations and slide presentations to a number of different Lodges describing their visit.

     On October 18, 1986 the Duck Creek Historical Society sponsored “Autumn in Duck Creek”. Harmony Lodge No. 13 was granted permission to be open for public tours. There were a total of fifty-three visitors that toured the Lodge Hall. Another similar event on October 20, 1990 was held and again the Lodge was open to the public.

     The 125th Anniversary Banquet of Harmony was held on Saturday, March 7, 1992 at the Sheraton Hotel in Dover, DE. To commemorate the event the Lodge purchased 100 aluminum coasters from Wendall August Forge, of Grove City, PA to be sold for $10 each. The coasters were imprinted with the Masonic emblem, Harmony Lodge No. 13 A.F. & A.M. 1867-1992; Howard A. Fortner, III was the Worshipful Master.

     The Brother John Montague “Black Hat” Fund received contributions in the amount of $1,674,000 from May 31, 1997 through February 2004. The amount given prior to 1997 is not available. Brother Montague has just recently passed away. In recent years, a small library of Masonic information and books was established in the Lodge.

     From its founding in 1867 through January 8, 2004, Harmony Lodge No. 13 has entered, passed and raised 516 Brethren. Four brethren of Harmony Lodge No. 13 have served as Grand Master of Masons in Delaware. Nathaniel F. Wilds in 1891, Edward G. Walls in 1912, Walter W. Hynson in 1943 and most recently Harry C. Johnson in 1961