Doric Lodge No. 30


J. Hud Athey  Worshipful Master
Brandon Scott  Senior Warden
James H. Burton PM  Junior Warden
 William L. Wingate, PM  Secretary
Michael S. Helfich, PM  Treasurer
Paul Timmons, PM  Senior Deacon
 Curtis Harne  Junior Deacon
 Robert Buecker, PM  Senior Steward
Robert Finley  Junior Steward
Gregory M. Vernicek  Tiler
 William Buckworth, Jr.  Chaplain

Past Masters

J. Hud Athey2022Paul Timmons2021
 William S. Mills, PM2018-2020 Robert Buecker2017
 2016 2015
 Cody C. Lockwood2014 2013
 2012 Andrew J. Lyons, Jr.2011
 R. Steven McCabe2010 Chad Zook2009
 Chad Zook2008 John Syphard2007
 John Syphard2006 John Syphard2005
 A. Tom Shaw2004 William Wingate2003
 William Wingate2002 Robert Sublett2001
 Matthew Poter2000 Walton A. Johnson III1999
 Larry C. Jarvis1998 Scott J. Carey1997
 Ron Howard1996 Charles A. Carmack1995
 Charles A. Carmack1994 Charles A. Carmack1993
 Orville C. Hudson, Jr.1992 Orville C. Hudson, Jr.1991
 Michael R. Jahnigen1990 Daniel V. Lucy1989
 Michael R. Jahnigen1988 Russell Archut1987
 Laurenc E Ide *1986 Vernon S. Murray1985
 Mark E. Irwin1984 Lloyd W. Sherman *1983
 John L. Irwin1982 Rudolph W. Dolle, Jr.1981
 William A. Mills1980 Robert Bergstrom *1979
 Herbert W. Murray1978 David O. Richards1977
 Lewis Reeves1976 Lynwood Evans *1975
Lambert W. Campbell, Jr. *1974 D. Eugene Wilgus1973
 Curtis E. Cathell *1972 Edwin B. Harper1971
 William C. Townsend1970 Hugh A. Stevens *1969
 Sidney C. Hurley *1968 Jesse E. Murray *1967
 Ronald G. McCabe1966 Ward Revel *1965
 Clifton H. Murray *1964 Paul L. Jakson *1963
 Richard O. Lewis *1962 Orrington C. Richards *1961
 James H. Flood *1960 Richard K. Wood *1959
 Roland L. Derrickson *1958 Lloyd G. Daisey *1957
 Harry H. Dukes, Jr. *1956 C. Grise McCabe, Sr. *1955
 George H. Bunting, Sr.1954 Frank S. Beckwith *1953
 Thomas E. Hickman, Jr. *1952 Arthur R. Hudson *1951
 C. Elliott Evans *1950 H. Therl Long *1949
 Elias H. Tingle *1948 William F. Wilgus, Jr. *1947
 Norman C. Calboun, Jr. *1946 Willis W. Mitchell *1945
 Vollie C. Gray *1944 George W. Mitchell *1943
 J. Frank Johnson *1942 Cashar W. Evans *1941
 I. Robert Willey, Sr. *1940 Paul B. McCabe, Sr. *1939
 Urah W. Long *1938 Ralph N. Betts *1937
 Alvin J. Hudson *1936 Tilghman S. Johnson *1935
 Harry W. Bunting *1934 Vernon W. McCabe *1933
 L. Ward Bennett *1932 George E. Williams *1931
Gardner Thomas *1930 Armel H. Hudson *1929
 Clinton H. Watson *1928 James B. McCabe *1927
 Everett H. Rickards *1926 Harley R. Burbage *1925
 Gove A. Bennett *1924 Charles A. Holloway *1923
 Edward V. Parker *1922 Topp M. Heath *1921
 Thomas A. Holloway *1920 Harry H. Dukes, Sr. *1919
 Samuel J. Messick *1918 Paul T. Scott *1917
 Harry V. Tubbs *1916 William D. Derrickson *1915
 Burton C. Cannon *1914 Clifford M. Bishop *1913
 William A. Torbett *1912 Asa Bennett *1911
 William A. Law *1910 John H. Evans *1909
 Dr. Kendall J. Hocker *1908 Frank W. Holloway *1907
 John W. James *1906 John W. James *1905
 Edward F. Reynolds *1904 Edward F. Reynolds *1903
 * Denotes Deceased


On October 7, 1903, a charter was granted to Doric Lodge No. 30 in Millville, by Grand Master Harry J. Guthrie, naming Edward F. Reynolds, Worshipful Master, John W. James, Senior Warden, and George L. Barnett, Junior Warden.


In 1910, James Hocker served as Senior Grand Warden, the first of six members of Doric Lodge, who were destined to be elected to office in the Grand Lodge of Delaware. This occurred during the formative period in the establishment of the George Washington Masonic National Memorial in Alexandria, Virginia.

     He was followed by William B. Derrickson, who was elected Junior Grand Warden I 1918, another formative period in Masonic History since it marked the establishment of the Masonic Service Association, which has continued to dispense Masonic charity throughout our nation in times of peace as well as war.

     In 1945, Urah W. Long was elected to serve as the first Grand Master from Doric Lodge. During his year he was successful in bringing to fruition the “Sussex Cottage”. This was a much-needed addition to our Masonic Home. Under his guidance and inspiration, the Lodges of Sussex County launched a drive, which raised over $10,000 for this purpose.

     Arthur R. Hudson was elected Senior Grand Warden in 1952, the year which marked the 200th anniversary of the initiation of Brother George Washington in Fredericksburg, Virginia. It was also the year that President and Past Grand Master Harry S. Truman presented each Grand Lodge with a stone, bearing a Masonic Mark, from the White House.

     In 1958, Elias H. Tingle was elected Senior Grand Warden during which time cornerstone ceremonies were conducted for Wesley College’s new dormitory and classroom, as well as, Milford’s new library. It was also during this period that the newly added Lodge room to the Newport Masonic Temple was dedicated.

     Finally in 1975, Hugh A. Stephens was elected Junior Grand Warden. This year marked the Bicentennial of our country’s independence as well as the 170th anniversary of the founding of the Grand Lodge of Delaware, all of which were observed with appropriate celebrations.

     For over a century now the Brothers of Doric Lodge No. 30 have labored to keep the light of Freemasonry shining bright in Millville.