Grand Lodge of Delaware
Ancient Free & Accepted Masons

Established June 6, 1806
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Grd Staff

Grand Lodge Officers

  2017 - 2018
    Grand Master  Most Worshipful John W. Marinucci
   Deputy Grand Master  Right Worshipful Donald E. Rosenberry
   Senior Grand Warden  Right Worshipful Evan R. Moody
   Junior Grand Warden  Right Worshipful Jeffrey D. Haass, Sr.
   Grand Secretary  Most Worshipful Glenn F. Davis, Sr., PGM
   Deputy Grand Secretary  Most Worshipful James S. Russell, Jr., PGM
   Grand Treasurer  Most Worshipful Barry C. Hughes, PGM
   Grand Chaplain  Most Reverend Theodore F. Stipa, Jr.
   Senior Grand Deacon  Worshipful Frank F. Foster
   Junior Grand Deacon  Worshipful Glenn L. Davis
   Grand Marshal  Worshipful Chad T. Robinson
   Grand Sword Bearer  Worshipful William T. Currey
   Senior Grand Steward  Worshipful Benjamin D. Lowe
   Junior Grand Steward  Worshipful Donovan L. Hoyt
   Grand Tiler  Worshipful Herman R. Cohee, Sr.
   Aide to the Grand Master  Right Worshipful S. Curtis Cole


Third Floor
818 N. Market Street 
Wilmington, Delaware 19801
(302) 652-4614    Fax: (302) 652-4059

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